Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Support Tina Anderson

Okay, all my friends know that my computer and Internet abilities are severely lacking. And my friends just accept me the way I am.

Even so, I want to show my solidarity with Tina Anderson and all the women and girls who have been damaged by the male-superiority leadership machine within portions of the church.

I tried and tried to copy the display that Cindy has on her blog to show my support for Tina but I failed. So instead, to show my support and solidarity and to show my agreement that pedophiles within the church need to be brought to justice, I'm simply linking Cindy's blog.

So if you want to add your support, go to Cindy's blog and hopefully you will have more success copying the button onto your blog (if you have one, otherwise, just be aware of this situation and add your prayers of support for Tina).

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