Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Talk About Small Men in High Places

There is much abuse being exposed in various places in the church, Catholic, Baptist, IFB etc and much is being written about it in the blog circles I visit. It needs to be written and the abuse exposed so it can stop and the church can heal. I applaud those who are writing on it.

So why am I talking about three small minded men in high places? Simple. Because their collective influence over Christianity is huge. And while abuse goes on in the extreme sectors of Christianity, the main movers and shakers continue to teach doctrine concerning gender that is filtered through their own fear and insecurity.

These little men say that the Bible teaches certain things about gender and authority that is extremely limiting and constricting to women. And these teachings are quite damaging. The far reach of their words create more wide spread damage than the little sections of abuse done in secret.

Driscoll is considered one of the top 50 most influential pastors in the U.S. His attitude toward women and what to do with them is being heard by many young, insecure, and impressionable pastors who want only to imitate him, their hero.

Driscoll, Piper, and Grudem (among many other men involve with CBMW) have taken the gospel and added to it protections for themselves changing it from the pure gospel to a jockstrap religion for men, that protects the insecure and sensitive places of men to the hurt of women.

So the gospel becomes a means by which insecure men can control other men and a means by which all men can control all women. And anytime the gospel is used to control others, it is a misuse and, in fact, it becomes a false gospel.

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