Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lost Comments

When Blogger hit its most recent hiccup, I lost at least two already approved comments. One from Waneta and one from Hannah.

I don't know how many unapproved comments were lost that I never saw.

Also, that hiccup kind of threw me. I was on a roll but due to not being able to post and having the posts I had made being scrambled and otherwise mistreated my roll was thrown off.

I hope to get into comparing and contrasting true brothers of women to the false brethren who don't want to be brothers, but rather lords, masters, high priests, and little Christs to their women.

True brothers inspire their sisters onto godliness.
The false ones push down, push back, reduce, and weaken their women. And though the false brothers may be brothers in the sense that they call upon the name of Christ, they undermine their position of brothers in the lives of women by trying to be more than what they are called to, by thinking more highly of themselves than they ought.

And I wanted to get into comparing and contrasting the True with the false because women need to be careful of whose voices we listen to. Not all men who claim to love God know how to love and encourage their sisters.

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Hannah said...

Everyone I think lost something during Blogger's hiccup last week. At least we got our articles that posted the day it happened, but sadly the comments were lost.