Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two New Blogs Added to Blog List

I have been visiting two blogs that I want to add to my Blog Roll.

Retha is a new friend from South Africa. I love the name of her blog, "Biblical Personhood". When one sees the over emphasis by so many on the differences between men and women and how important men and women follow different rules for life, it's nice to see another voice reminding everyone in their name that we are all human first. When the differences are over emphasised and extra rules are made up to divide the human race into two different species with different rules pertaining to each (something the Bible doesn't do) it's good to see someone questioning all the ranting and raving about cultural decline due to not following blue and pink roles for humans.

Kay on "Happy Surprise" is exploring the implications of gender roles, among other things, and asking the hard questions about what she believes and what she should believe. I find her honesty and journey inspiring. She has both egal and comps commenting on her blog, and it has been, for the most part, friendly.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mara for supporting me. Coming from a complimentarian background, it gets lonely. So, its nice when you speak up. I don't feel quite so "rebellious!" :)

Mara Reid said...

When all you are taught in one thing, one way of seeing scripture, one way of thinking about scripture it can be scary to take a step back and see that everything is not as it seems. There is a certain amount of comfort in the traditions of men. Unfortunately it can also be a ball and chain that makes a mockery of true freedom in Christ.

I take great comfort in how big God really is, and how much the hard questions don't bother Him or make Him the least bit uncomfortable.

Our biggest goal, as His children, is to find Him and His heart and what He thinks. The guidance of others is nice and can be mostly helpful. But after a while we HAVE to step out on our own and like Paul on the road to Damascus, ask, "Who are you Lord?"

It is a life long journey finding out all about Him. I love reading the thoughts of others on this journey and comparing notes with the things that they have discover and wonder about.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mara. I'm definitely in great company, with the blogs you list. (I just started egal blog entries on my mother tongue blog. That will probably be a new lonely road, as none of you can comment there, and it's seemingly the only things on the topic in Afrikaans.)

About stepping out: You are so right.

Mara Reid said...

Pioneering is hard and mostly thankless.
But it still needs to be done or we won't make much headway.

I wish I could comment in Afrikaans.
I never told you that I went to College with a gal from South Africa, clear back in the early 80s.
I liked her and therefore have happy thoughts when I think of the people of South Africa.