Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Single Story and Religion

If you recall from the talk Chimananda Adichie gave that was linked here Friday, May 2oth, she spoke of being relegated to a Single Story by her American University roommate. The roommate kept thinking certain things about Chimananda because she came from Africa. Chimananda kept surprising her roommate with the many stories that Chimananda really had.

It was difficult for the roommate to see past the Single Story in her mind, but eventually she had to come to terms with Chimananda's many stories. Fortunately for them both, the "African" Single Story that Americans tend to believe is not backed up by religion and "Thus saith the Lord." So adjustments can be made to accommodate Chimananda's many stories.

Women oppressed by "Biblical Womanhood" have a much harder row to hoe because the Single Story that is written there comes along with, "And if you don't accept this as Gospel and God's Divine Order, you are displeasing to God."

Opposing the Single Story of Biblical Womanhood is considered the same as opposing God. Those in power have written this into the Story. Some even back up the Story with hellfire and brimstone holding a woman's very salvation hostage to the Story.

This is why it is so difficult to get women trapped in the Single Story to see the freedom that lies outside that story and in the many stories of God, the Bible, and what is written concerning His dealings with women.

But more people are talking. More men and women are telling their stories. Hopefully God will bless those still trapped in the Single story with ears to hear more stories from the Bible.

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