Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strong Men, Lewis

Most of my readers are familiar with the blog "The Commandments of Men".

The host of this blog is Lewis Wells who had a close encounter with Neo-Patriarchy that has left him shattered. He relates this encounter in his, "The Joke was on Me" Series.

He has received a severe wounding at the hands of supposed 'brothers' in the 'Church' but instead of turning around and wounding others, he has found strength in Jesus Christ and has become a watchman on the wall, warning others against the false doctrines and commandments of men being held up as gospel.

I could say a great deal more but would like to quote one of his commenter's on his "Steadfast Daughters Leaves Me Quivering Once Again" thread.

DoaHF said to him at 12:16 pm on November 22, 2010: "Three cheers, Lewis. Thanks for standing up for us. You didn't have to, and you sure didn't have to care at all after what they did to you, but here you are. You keep us laughing, make us think, and bring us through the hard days. Much love."

Lewis is being a true brother who sees his sisters as valuable and worth defending against men who conspire to use religion to control their women. He wants people, including women, to be free in the love of God and Spirit of Christian brotherhood.

As DoaHF said, he doesn't have to care or stand up for the downtrodden, but he does.

And here is a quote of his that explains his motivation that he has a the top of his blog: "When we become unwilling to risk everything for the sake of the right thing, our salt has lost its savor, and we no longer season our world."

Thank you Lewis, for being salt and a light in the darkness. The light you shine for your brothers and sisters showing them the way out of the darkness of patriarchy is much appreciated.

You are a strong secure man that I can honor and am proud to call brother.

http://thecommandmentsofmen.blogspot.com/ (link for anyone visiting who hasn't been to his blog yet)


Lewis said...

Wow, Mara. I certainly don't deserve such kind words. I'm very humbled by them. Thank you.

Mara Reid said...

Oh, yes you do.

I don't expect it to go to your head, or anything.

The truth is, there are many voices out there telling women what they are to do and who they are to be. And many men have fallen to the Pharisitical seduction of wanting the best seats in the house (church and family) who push the commandments of men, calling them divine. Far too many men have fallen to this to the point that I want to call it epidemic.

So when I see and hear the voice of men who truly are following the voice of the Shepherd and are repulsed by the commandments of men, I am blessed and encouraged and even inspired.

Plus, I was getting so depressed looking at the words of small men I HAD to balance it out by remembering some those who are my brothers indeed.

Retha said...

Oh, yes, Lewis. You deserve this.

Anonymous said...

My list of favorite quotes has a new addition.

"It's not terribly wise to trust in 'biblical' promises that the bible doesn't make."
- Lewis Wells, Commandments of Men ("My Distaste for All Things Courtship (part 1)," 8-25-10)

I know, right!?!?!

Mara Reid said...


So many people make the Bible all about what they want it to say rather than what it actually says. They conform it or even make it into an idol after their own hearts.