Thursday, May 5, 2011

Off Topic, My Son part 2

My three most popular posts are in this order: "The Wounded Healer" written December 6, 2010, "Sin in the Camp" written June 6, 2010, and "Off Topic, My Son" Written September 13, 2010.

And in honor of the next series I'm going to write on strong, secure men, I'd like to revisit the young man that I'm proud of.

My boys like to watch zombie movies. They are kind of zombie experts. And sometimes my son likes to share those movies with me. I'm not so crazy about them. But for mother son time, I will sit down and watch one of the milder ones, or one with an actual plot that is somewhat intriguing, that my son thinks I can handle since I hate slasher, gory movies.

Well, we watched 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later. And no, I'm NOT recommending it. I kind of wished I hadn't watched it.
But funny thing, in the opening scene my son warned me that there is a guy who was a real, uhm, well, I'll use his words... douche. Turns out this guy abandons his wife rather than going back to save her, which most certainly would have lead to his own death or infection to the rage virus.

When I saw the scene, I came at it from a cold, objective, body count position and said that there was little point in him going back because she would be dead or infected before he got back to her and then he'd be dead too.

He looked at me funny and said, "Of all the people I've talked to, you're the only one who hasn't agreed 100% that he was a total douche."

I laughed, because all the people he talks to about these movies are Christian, guys his age, and maybe a few girls. He and his friends have a good, strong idea of what real men are in spite of the dire warnings given by the pushers of male hierarchy. My son's growth, person hood, and yes, even his manhood, is progressing beautifully. He knows right from wrong. He understands sacrifice for family, women, and children (there was a child involved in the movie as well, though not their child, long story.).

So I praised my son on his attitude of love and self-sacrifice and I took heart in the fact that the young, Christian, American male is not in danger of losing his manhood as much as the noisy gong preachers keep saying.

So the next few posts on strong, secure, Christian men will be dedicated to him and my brother in honor of the fact that I'm proud of them and consider them both my brothers in Christ because neither of them promote a jock strap religion.

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Mara Reid said...

Guess What!?

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May is Zombie appreciation month.

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